Charles A. Schner


Narrative Reel

Montage reel of my latest narrative work, American Horror Story, Salem, Deadly Sins and Bad Kids of Crestview Academy.

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

Montage reel of an action/comedy film based on a graphic novel.

Dir: Ben Browder

Prods: James Hallam, Barry Wernick, Brad Keller

Shoreline Entertainment

American Horror Story: Hotel – 2nd Unit

Double ups for episode 5.10 “She Gets Revenge”

Dir: Brad Bueker

20th Century Fox Television

Salem – 2nd Unit

A flashback scene with visual effects and green screen.
Dir: Tricia Brock
Fox 21/WGN America

Heads Will Roll

Clip from a dark comedy about jealousy and mistaken identity.

Dir: Pablo Riquelme

Prod Co: Riquelme Productions

Crestron AV Support Group – Security

One of seven spots for Crestron Electronics’ online campaign.

Agency: HQ Creative

Crestron AV Support Group Campaign

First spot from a digital campaign for Crestron, an A/V and networking electronics manufacturer.

Produced by Crestron’s in-house agency.

Job Corps 2016 Campaign

National spot for the Job Corps 2016 campaign.

Director: Scott Firestone

Agency: McNeely Pigott & Fox

American Horror Story: Asylum – 2nd Unit

Double ups from episode 2.11.
Dir: Craig Zisk
20th Century Fox Television

John Lewis: Get In The Way

A scene from the documentary on the life and career of Congressman and Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis.

Director: Kathleen Dowdey

PBS/Early Light Productions

Dermalogica FITE PSA

A PSA for international women empowerment.

Agency: Omelet

Deadly Sins

Montage reel for a re-enactment crime series for Investigation Discovery.

The Wedding Bells

A scene from the final episode in which I took over as first unit director of photography.
Dir: Michael Fresco
David E Kelly Productions/Fox Television

The O.C. – 2nd Unit

A scene from season 1.
Dir: Doug Liman
Warner Brothers Television

Mad TV – Overwhelmed

One of the sketches from the final two episodes in which I was the field director of photography.
Dir: Bruce Leddy
Fox Television


Montage reel of a feature film produced by Oscar winning producer, Gray Frederickson (Godfather Pt. II)
Dir: Fritz Kiersch
Image Entertainment


Montage reel of a horror/comedy feature film.
Dir: Greg Huson

Clear Choice

One spot from the national campaign for Clear Choice
Dir: David Graham
Egg Rock Pictures, Agency: Integrated Media Solutions

Rockin’ The Wall

Clip from a documentary film on how Rock N’ Roll helped bring down the Berlin Wall.
Dir: Marc Leif
Rockin The Wall Films


Clip from an internet ad for Hyundai.
Dir: Scott Firestone
Agency: Omelet

University Of New Mexico

Clip from a recruitment video for UNM.

Production company: Firestone Productions

Director: Scott Firestone

The Lodger – 2nd Unit

Montage reel of my 2nd Unit work on this horror/mystery film.
Dir: David Ondaatje
Sony Pictures

The Purple Hat

Clip from a film that takes place in 1930’s New Orleans.
Dir: Greg Doucette
Prod Co: Desert Light Productions

Falling…In Love

Clip that shows use of green screen.
Dir: Greg Doucette
Prod Co: Desert Light Productions