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Archive for March, 2011

Rockin’ The Wall

Clip from a documentary film on how Rock N’ Roll helped bring down the Berlin Wall.
Dir: Marc Leif
Rockin The Wall Films


Clip from an internet ad for Hyundai.
Dir: Scott Firestone
Agency: Omelet

University Of New Mexico

Clip from a recruitment video for UNM.

Production company: Firestone Productions

Director: Scott Firestone

The Lodger – 2nd Unit

Montage reel of my 2nd Unit work on this horror/mystery film.
Dir: David Ondaatje
Sony Pictures

The Purple Hat

Clip from a film that takes place in 1930’s New Orleans.
Dir: Greg Doucette
Prod Co: Desert Light Productions

Falling…In Love

Clip that shows use of green screen.
Dir: Greg Doucette
Prod Co: Desert Light Productions

EIF/Callaway – Eva Langoria

PSA for breast cancer research starring Eva Langoria.
Dir: Scott Firestone
Entertainment Industry Foundation

L.A. Heat

Montage reel of a series for TNT.
PM Entertainment/Turner Network Television