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Archive for August, 2011

The Wedding Bells

A scene from the final episode in which I took over as first unit director of photography.
Dir: Michael Fresco
David E Kelly Productions/Fox Television

The O.C. – 2nd Unit

A scene from season 1.
Dir: Doug Liman
Warner Brothers Television

Mad TV – Overwhelmed

One of the sketches from the final two episodes in which I was the field director of photography.
Dir: Bruce Leddy
Fox Television


Montage reel of a feature film produced by Oscar winning producer, Gray Frederickson (Godfather Pt. II)
Dir: Fritz Kiersch
Image Entertainment


Montage reel of a horror/comedy feature film.
Dir: Greg Huson

Clear Choice

One spot from the national campaign for Clear Choice
Dir: David Graham
Egg Rock Pictures, Agency: Integrated Media Solutions